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We are a site that wants to help you get in front of the camera and seen by the world! We currently run a few web shows like 3in90, and the comedy show Trailer Chat, but we are not tied to that alone, we are waiting to hear from you and get your idea off the ground! 

How we got started


A small camera from a friend started us 6 years ago and 730,000 thousand views later some of our talent has moved on to produce tv, write for national papers, and more! 

What we do


If you have an idea for a web show, short story, or are willing to take over one of our shelved shows, contact Founder below and lets get rolling! We storyboard, film, edit, and publish all in one place. We shoot in 4k and edit in final cut.

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Learn more about our contest here! Watch the video share with friends and guess the name of the movie Founder is in! 

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