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 Helping Your Child Cope with Loss.
Twins Louie and Penny finally realized their dream to adopt a dog when their parents took them to the animal shelter. Cassius was not just their pet, he became their best friend. Through the years, the twins did everything with Cassius, but eventually, Cassius became old and sick. Saying goodbye to their best friend was the hardest thing Louie and Penny had ever done.

I Miss My Best Friend is a heart-warming story for children that will help them learn how to deal with the loss of a pet. Author Penelope Lagos also offers ten helpful steps parents can use to help their children cope with grief.

"I Miss My Best Friend" was awarded five stars from Readers' Favorite!

What People Are Saying about the Book! 


J. Marash -We recently lost our cat and my children have been having a very tough time dealing with the loss. A friend recommended this book and I bought it for my kids. It has been a great resource and source of comfort for them. They have never dealt with death or loss before and know now that other children have similar experiences to theirs. I think the author dealt with the subject matter in a way that allowed my kids to see that though the loss will always be sad, there is joy in remembering her and the good times they had. The tips the author shared were quite beneficial as well and next weekend we will be starting a scrapbook of our special Calli photos so they have them in one place and can also write down the memories associated with the pics. The loss has been traumatic but the time as a family has been quite bonding. I hope this book can help other families deal with the unbelievably difficult and sad process of losing a family pet. 


NardoE-Nicely Done!
Feels like a sincere approach to pet loss.  

About Penelope Lagos

A New Jersey native, graduated from Rutgers University earning a BA in Communications and Theatre Arts. She is a huge animal advocate and strongly believes in being "a voice for the voiceless." She holds a certification in Canine Fitness and Conditioning as well as Advanced Pet CPR/First Aid. Her love of animals, and loss of her beloved best friend Cassius "The Legend" Lagos, inspired her to write "I Miss My Best Friend" and help others cope with the grief of losing a family pet. When Penelope is not spending time with her own furry friends, you will find her acting in indie films and commercials as well as volunteering at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Penelope was the recipient of an achievement award honoring critical funds raised for LLS.  

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