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Netflix Worth Watching!

I Am Mother and The Perfection

Man sorry for the delay I know there were shows that got away! Netflix has some definitely worth watching movies this week, 'I am Mother' and 'The Perfection" 

I am going to start off with my favorite genre that being Sci-Fi hence why I started 'The Fans of Sci-fi Gaming and Horror' group on Facebook. Nevertheless lets chat about this dystopian future film that throws an interesting take on parent hood. I thought the one job that robots could take was parenting but looks like I was wrong. Our story unfolds with a robot helping birth and raise a test tube baby. They are in bunker meant to filter the air and keep the incubated child safe. The robot was equipped with heat sensors, and feeding tubes for the baby. The story unfolds as the child grows, alone with her robot mother. "What happened to the world?" she asks. "The world has been destroyed and you and I will restart the human race." As the story goes on the child grows to teenage years. Thats when the story takes its sci fi to the next level. After warnings that the world outside is toxic and dangerous. There is a knock at the door, a shot woman frantic but alive trying to get in the complex. I won't spoil the full story, but it unfolds with robots and twists that at times can be obvious but really properly animated. The terrors and fears of the loss of human kind is really portrayed though the set is rather isolated but you truly get the feel of a scorched earth. There is a lot to digest and a play is made woman vs machine, its very thrilling...Speaking of thrilling.

The Perfection- At first it would appear that the story here is that of a horror film in the trailer, but it turned out to be much darker. A tale of perfect musical mastery of the cecillo, and two infamous woman who suffered their craft to take the grand china stage. This is a tale of winding vengeance, betrayal, and reversing of the story to expand on the story. Two beautiful woman faced the horrors of leaders that are not as perfect as you'd hope. Its a thriller, a rising prodigy having to leave her dreams because of an ill mother. A returning champion of the art goes to the prestigious school run by the other lead character from WINGS lol anyway its not the most concessive film but the wild angle filming and editing fill in where the story's more logical holes are. 


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