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Better Than Us

Sick of forced watching, sit back, take a deep breath, and listen read my recommendations. I won't force them on you but I hope you take a read as to what's waiting for you on the search bar of Netflix! This week 'Better Than Us' a fun robotic police tale about a company and its coverup of a robot that breaks the roles of AI. It kills someone, now that's not a spoiler its in the description and why I watched it. Things to note: When your watching this type its in Russian originally, so its voice dubbed like the show Dark. That being said its not too bad a story. A worker gets killed by a robot the eco tried to cover it up and it spirals out of control catching a forensic doctor who is in the mist of a divorce in the middle of the whole downward spiral. This is one of those takes on a future world where drone watch over us every minute of every day and AI replicants aid in the day to day of every person. These robots though mostly peaceful really take a beating overall by human repression groups who fear that the robots will replace them. Its an interesting take though not in the nor like Blade Runner or Blade Runner 2049. Its very different and worth a spin on the stream of your TV on Netflix. 


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A good friend, a great video, and a tribute to an icon, this is how started out 6 years ago. Though we have been online longer, this is when things really got exciting. 

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Brandon is back reviewing The Boys! 

Places 2bescene Iceland

We love visiting the east coast of the USA, none have been more epic than finding places you may not know of! We are actively searching for places and their histories to share them and encourage you to visit.  

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Our host Joe Lopez is an ultimate movie buff! He sees as many movies as possible and gives you his thoughts on 3 in only 90 seconds! New episodes!