Art 2Bescene

There's much to see here! This month we are supporting Mary B with her new Poetry book! 

Fun Shows- Trailer Chat

Our series is back, with new host Joe Dove, who may do a music video in the future...This week he is talking Birds of Prey! 

Netflix Worth Watching!

Better Than Us

A rock and roll dash into violence and mayhem, that's how I would describe our new Netflix worth watching called Sounds and Fury! ThIs is brought to you by the  Sturgill Simpson (the rock/country singer), as a visual Anime album for new record. That new album release is accompanied by this original film, written and produced by Simpson with Japanese director Jumpei Mizusaki of the animation studio Kamikaze Douga. If those names sound familiar they should as they are done by the guy who drew Megaman X series, Batman Ninja, and many more awesomely drawn anime. So getting into it, a classic tale of revenge and honor, with a hidden deeper layer. Not going to spoil it but assassins kill a training Samurai group, and their Sensei seeks revenge something goes awry and the sword seeks justice! There are some really cool tech noir futuristic dystopian visuals, very leaning toward Mad Max Fury Road. Much like Mad Max the music and the artwork tell the story over the dialog. IN fact this has no dialog. The animation is amazing and the tunes are really stellar. Makes me want to pick up this album. I highly recommend this if you were a Heavy Metal Fan, or into Anime. 


Music Videos

A good friend, a great video, and a tribute to an icon, this is how started out 6 years ago. Though we have been online longer, this is when things really got exciting. 

Comic Conversation

Brandon is back reviewing The Boys! 

Places 2bescene Iceland

We love visiting the east coast of the USA, none have been more epic than finding places you may not know of! We are actively searching for places and their histories to share them and encourage you to visit.  

3 in 90 Newest videos

Our host Joe Lopez is an ultimate movie buff! He sees as many movies as possible and gives you his thoughts on 3 in only 90 seconds! New episodes!